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About Haltech Engine Management Systems

Haltech Engine Management Systems are being used for all of the applications listed below:

Control system for custom conversion from carburetion to injection
Control of fuel injection/ignition on modified engines
Race and rally applications of all descriptions
Used in kits by kit manufacturers
Original equipment in cars and motor cycles
Design and research and development
For use in cars, motor cycles, off-road vehicles, boats, jet skis, outboards, snowmobiles, karts, motor homes, aircraft

Haltech engine management systems are designed to be as universal as possible with the ability to control single cylinder motor cycles to V8 racing cars and most engines in between. It can control throttle body, multi-point or staged injection, distributor or direct ignition, naturally aspirated or turbo or supercharged engines. Name the application and in most cases Haltech can control it.

Contact us for a quote on model specific Haltech applications to fit your platform.